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Everyone has their own ideals. Some people chase the latest car models to see the new technologies and cutting-edge designs. Others are drawn towards classic cars because of their lasting appeal, rich history, and unique details. If you belong to the latter camp, then you probably have one or more classics in your garage. Restoring these can be a fun project but it comes with various challenges. For example, you might find yourself needing to get a classic car windshield replacement. Read on to learn the best way to approach this.

What To Do When You Need A Classic Car Windshield Replacement

In this article, we discuss some methods you can use when you need a windshield replacement for your classic car.

Possible Sources of Classic Car Windshield

Before you can remove the current windshield, you will have to look for a viable replacement. The age of the car complicates matters because parts are not as readily available as with newer vehicles. You cannot just walk into a regular auto shop and expect to find what you need right away. Some owners will go to great lengths to find a suitable glass panel such as combing through junkyards. Others will call the auto manufacturer directly to inquire about part availability. They can also contact dealers of vintage auto parts or classic car clubs. Some local windshield shops are able to help as well.

The Benefits of Classic Car Reproduction Glass

1. Classic Car Windshield Safety

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Most people might think that finding original replacement glass is ideal but that is not always the case. While this may satisfy those who want a full restoration, the vehicle will not be as safe to drive as it could be. Old windshields get easily damaged. Fortunately, automotive glass technology has evolved rapidly in the past decades for better performance and greater protection. Modern windshields will not easily break down upon impact. This can save the passengers from injuries in a collision or altercation.

2. Windshield Cost

Original windshields are rare. The older the car, the fewer the available parts. Only a limited number of places still have them so classic car collectors have to be patient during their search. They should also be prepared to shoulder the higher cost of the item and the greater complexity of the shipping process. After all, this fragile glass will probably have to travel from a distant region. The total expenses can run into several thousands of dollars, excluding the installation. Reproduction glass tends to be much cheaper. These can be customized to fit different models.

3. Condition

Even if you manage to find original glass salvaged from used cars, you cannot be certain that they are in good condition. They might already have signs of damage such as cracks and discoloration. These will only get worse with time. Cleaning up the panel may not do much to bring it back to its former glory. On the other hand, reproduction glass is flawless. New auto glass is strong and durable so you can expect it to last longer. It will not get easily damaged due to impact or environmental conditions.

Why Professional Classic Car Windshield Installation is Ideal

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1. Parts Sourcing and Windshield Installation in One Go

Although it may be possible to install auto glass yourself, you may want to consider professional installation to reduce the stress. Your local auto glass installers can help you find the windshield for your classic car. This should save you a lot of time and money. They can tap into their vast networks to get the right parts as quickly as possible. They can also get any additional components that may be necessary for the job.

The windshield installation procedure differs depending on the age of the car and the exact model. Some are quite easy to handle while others require advanced skills. In these situations, it is best to let the pros handle the matter since they have the training, experience, and special tools necessary to finish the job. There will be no worries about damaging the expensive replacement parts or the car itself.

Sometimes auto glass replacement is not quite straightforward. For example, models with power windows may require preliminary repair of the mechanical components prior to glass installation. Experts can handle these as well for a smooth process from start to finish.

4. Parts and Labor Warranty

Car owners can have greater confidence in the result of professional installations. There will be warranty coverage for the parts and labor. If the edges were not sealed properly or if there is excessive noise due to the glass, then they might be able to go back and have these fixed. Going for a DIY windshield replacement might lead to initial savings but any issues that arise will lead to a trip to auto glass shops for repair. It is best to do it right the first time with the help of the pros.



Classic cars are a joy to own but they can be a handful to repair and maintain as well. Do not try to take on everything by yourself. If you are in the middle of a classic car restoration project, then seek out the assistance of experts for better results. Call your local auto glass company for quality auto glass replacement panels and reliable installation.

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