Jessica Barrett Apr 27, 2022 · 6 min readIf you have multiple cars at the same address, you may have heard that bundling the policies for a car insurance discount can help you save money–and it’s true, it can. But there are some important things you need to consider in rate to make sure every car and driver on your multi-car policy has the necessary coverage. cable car policy comparison patronize and agent app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know about what multi-car policy is, how it helps you save money, and what you need in order to qualify for it when searching for car policy quotes online


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How do multi-car insurance policies work?

A multi-car insurance policy is one that includes multiple vehicles at the lapp address. It allows you to bundle insurance for the vehicles on one policy quite than on individual policies for each vehicle, often at fairly significant savings .MORE: Medical payment car insurance explained

Why you can save money with multi-car insurance quotes

Multi-car insurance policies will frequently provide the best prize from insurers. Discounts typically range from 10% to up to 25%, depending on which car insurance company you choose. The cause why is actually reasonably simple : You ’ re giving the insurance party more business, and they ’ re glad to reward you for it with a discount rate .

Benefits of a multi-car insurance policy

Bundling your insurance into a multi-car policy is full for a few different reasons .


The most obvious benefit is fiscal. When you insure more than one fomite on the lapp policy, you ’ re all but guaranteed savings that can add up to thousands of dollars depending on how many vehicles you insure and who drives them

Single deductible

A single deductible may not sound like a adult profit, but if you need to file a claim that involves two cars, it can be a big money ( and headache ) saver .$500 each). Say you have a atrocious acclaim storm nightlong and wake up in the dawn to find price to both of the vehicles on your multi-car policy. If the cars were on separate policies, you ’ d need to pay the deductible for each of them ( much ). With a multi-car indemnity policy, you ’ ll entirely pay one deductible .

Insurance stacking

Insurance stacking refers to the ability to combine your uninsured motorist liability insurance benefits for practice on a single claim, and it ’ s a great perk up of multi-car insurance. Suppose you ’ re drive to the store and get hit by an uninsured driver. The accident sends you to the hospital and renders you unable to work for respective weeks. You and your spouse both have $ 25,000 of uninsured motorist coverage. If the losses exceed $ 25,000—the amount of your coverage—you can “ stack ” your collaborator ’ second benefits on top of yours for a total limit of $50,000 .

“ As person with a less than perfect drive record, they were able to find me a quote for full coverage that was $ 600 less than the cheapest rival. If you ’ rhenium hesitant, decidedly do it ! You won ’ thyroxine regret it. ” – Satisfied Jerry User

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Multi-car insurance policy requirements

different insurers have unlike requirements to qualify for a multi-car policy policy and the consociate discount rate. When you ’ re looking to get multi-car policy quotes, it ’ s a beneficial time to ask the supplier what their requirements are .

Does coverage need to be the same on all vehicles?

however, you can have different coverage limits when it comes to collision and comprehensive policy. This may make sense if one of your cars is older and doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate need angstrom much ( or any ) collision and comprehensive coverage .

How many cars can you insure on one policy?

Though the rules vary depending on the insurance company you choose, most companies allow you to insure up to four or five vehicles on a single policy. recommend

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When should I get a multi-car insurance policy?

If you and your spouse both have good drive records and standard vehicles, a multi-car policy policy can be a great room to save .one or two speeding tickets. Combining policies with person who has a poor people drive record can drive your rates way up, though, even if it ’ sulfur just There can besides be a big difference in premiums if one of you drives a luxury or sports vehicle. In this character, you might see your indemnity advance rather of fall. To find out whether it makes common sense for you, it ’ s a good idea to shop around for cheap multi-car insurance quotes from at least five providers .MORE: Car insurance for classic cars

Which companies offer the best multi-car insurance policies?

Comparing multi-car insurance quotes from diverse providers is the best way to make certain that you ’ re getting the best rate. The insurers that typically offer the biggest discounts for multi-car insurance with a six-month term are :

  • state farm : $ 1,966
  • Allstate : $ 1,137
  • GEICO : $ 651
  • progressive : $ 746
  • liberty Manual : $ 879

How to switch car insurance companies

If you ’ re looking to switch indemnity companies, you ’ ll want to compare quotes from multiple insurers to ensure you ’ re getting the best rate .Jerry lets you compare multiple providers easily so that you can ensure you’re getting the best multi-car insurance quote. And if Jerry finds you a better price, it can handle all the paperwork, cancel your old policy, and have you saving money on car insurance in a matter of minutes.


Can you have multi-car insurance at different addresses?

unfortunately, no. Most policy providers will not include multiple cars from different addresses on one policy .

Is multi-car insurance cheaper for young drivers?

Most of the meter, it ‘ll be cheaper for young drivers and teenagers to be put on the same policy as person else, normally their parents. It ‘ll drive up premiums overall, but the young driver will besides share a deductible and coverage with the other drivers on the policy. recommend

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