Manual Transmission Rebuilding and Repair

Manual Transmission Repair and Service in San Antonio, TX

The professional transmission repair specialists at Auto Service Experts have over 20 years of experience repairing automatic and manual transmissions in San Antonio, TX. We are experts in diagnostics and are qualified to work on any type of vehicle foreign or domestic, including diesel engines and hybrids. Our master technicians are certified in transmission repair by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and are involved in continuing education programs through CarQuest and TechNet. We use only high-quality parts and back all transmission rebuilds with a full 3 year/36,000 mile warranty covering both parts and labor. Whether it is time for a manual transmission fluid change, the clutch is not operating properly and requires repair, or you need a complete overhaul, Auto Service Experts is committed to providing exceptional service at very competitive prices. With countless San Antonio transmission shops close to your area, you never have to accept anything but the best. See why our customers have rated our service and quality of repair 5 stars for over 13 years!


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Manual Transmission Fluid Change

How often you have the transmission fluid changed is an important factor in the amount of wear and tear a transmission receives, and how long it lasts before requiring repair. Manual transmission (MT) service is required less often than AT service, but is equally important and can help to prevent the most common mechanical malfunctions. Manuals do not have a filter to remove the contaminants and debris from the fluid. This makes it extremely important to have the fluid changed as directed.


Manual Transmission Problems

The job of an automobile transmission is to deliver engine power to the vehicle’s wheels. In the case of an MT, the driver controls the transfer of this energy by manually operating the shift lever and clutch pedal. MT problems are often caused by improper driver operation and can be easily avoided. Lack of driver training and experience, riding the clutch, heavy towing, rapid shifting, and even constant stop and go traffic can lead to what has been called “low clutch life”.


Many common causes of transmission failure are prevented by following a few expert tips on maintenance & transmission performance.


Gear Clash – A loud, grinding noise while shifting gears. This problem can have mechanical causes such as improper clutch adjustment or issues with gear engagement. It can also be caused (or worsened) by not using the proper transmission fluid for your car or truck. Auto Service Experts transmission service always includes the manufacturer’s recommended transmission fluid to ensure peak performance and avoid such issues.


Popping out of Gear – This problem is found mainly in older vehicles with high mileage. Prolonged wear and tear can eventually damage standard transmission components such as the gear shifter, engine mounts, linkages, and connections.


Clutch Drags or Sticks – This is sometimes caused by low transmission fluid, but may require cylinder replacement or shift linkage adjustment to repair.


Hard Shifting – The shift lever becomes stuck, or difficult to maneuver from one gear to another. Hard shifts can be caused by damage to the clutch disk, shift linkages, bearings, or other internal components.


If you are experiencing these or any other issues, contact Auto Service Experts about a FREE Manual Transmission Check. Let our transmission specialists find the exact cause of the problem and give you an accurate quote of the cost of transmission repair for your vehicle.


Manual Transmission Diagnostics

In the event of transmission problems or failure, you have several options available to get you back on the road. Bring your car or truck in for a FREE check, and one of our specialists will inspect your vehicle to determine the nature and severity of the problem. In some cases, only minor repair of a specific component is required. Depending upon the overall condition of the vehicle & transmission system, and the source of the malfunction, you may require more in depth repair such as a complete transmission rebuild (overhaul). One of our friendly mechanics will be happy to discuss options with you to determine what is best for your vehicle.


Several factors affect the cost of transmission replacement such as the age, type, & condition of the vehicle, the exact cause of the transmission malfunction, and whether you opt for a new, used, or rebuilt manual transmission. When comparing repair quotes from different shops, also consider the quality of parts used, the warranty provided, the experience of the technicians, what services are included, and ask whether the quote reflects the total price so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises! 


For information on how automatic, manual, 4WD, RWD, & FWD Transmission operations differ, and the specific components involved, see our Blog article, “How Transmissions Operate”.


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