And then sometimes, aftermarket tuners get it right. In this case, it’s getting just crazy enough to stuff a BMW V10 into a station wagon. Fooling with station wagons is an easy thing to get wrong. I’ve seen many a high school kid, when faced with the problem of having to drive around in mom’s old station wagon, try to make it just as bitchin’ as that jerk Johnny Rollin’s Camaro. Usually, it turns out poorly, but if you manage to get it just right, you can have a wagon that is fast, somewhat stealthy and with a healthy dollop of crazy thrown in, then you got something. A good example of that is the boys from Manhart Racing who went and stuffed a V10 from a BMW M5 into a 3-series wagon. 01-m3-touring-manhart “Attention all sporty, family men!” says Manhart Racing calling attention to their latest ride. Starting with the exterior, Manhart took a standard E91 3-Series Estate and gave it a front fascia, front fenders, side skirts, and the powerdome hood from the M3. Then they added their own rear wheel arches and rear fascia to make room for a stainless steel exhaust system with fancy quad exhaust tips. 02-m3-touring-manhart Then they had to move on to getting the 5.0-liter V10 into the engine bay along with the gearbox, and then hang the limited slip differential is mounted out back. Once ensconced, Manhart says the grocery getter can do 0 to 100km/h in only 4.3 seconds and top out at 324km/h. 08-m3-touring-manhart There weren’t idiots in the chassis department either, equipping the car with tunable Bilstein PSS10 coilover suspension and Stoptech Sport Trophy Kit braking system with six-piston caliper with grooved 380mm brake discs up front and four-piston calliper with 355mm brake discs on the drive shaft. The tires are 255/30ZR20 and 295/25ZR20 Hankook S1 Evo tires that can be mounted on the buyer’s choice of RÄD Monza three-part forged wheels with black rims. And the inside features such goodies as BMW sports seats, and the back seats can be upholstered with leather or Alcantara to match the fronts. Price? That will be around €120,000, but you’ve got to provide the 3 Series wagon. Source: Autoblog

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