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The Lotus Elise & Exige Supercharger Upgrade developed by Simply Sports Cars in Australia, uses the Harrop TVS 1320 supercharger which is based on Eaton’s new Twin Vortices Series ( TVS ™ ) compressor featuring twin intermeshing four-lobe rotors, twisted in a helix angle of 160° to achieve high thermal efficiency, is widely accepted as being one of the efficient new generation superchargers available. This kit replaces the standard supercharger system that is fitted by Lotus.

The kit includes the Simply Sports Cars precision cast supercharger outlet manifold especially developed for this Exige upgrade application. The Simply Sports Cars / Harrop supercharger includes a special drive snout and pulley and is assembled by Harrop Engineering for Simply Sports Cars. A high-flow water/air charge cooler system is incorporated to manage intake charge temperatures (even in Australia!), and all the other necessary hardware components are also included.

The upgrade kit provides a significant power and torque increase over the standard set-up, even without substantially increasing the boost pressure, which is great more boost pressure equals more heat, and more heat means less performance and less engine reliability.

The Simply Sports cars Lotus Elise & Exige Supercharger Upgrade is essential for those looking for serious performance. To review and purchase this upgrade kit, please visit our on-line store.


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