Strobe/Work Lighting

Another part of our foundation was fleet vehicle lighting. Strobe Lights are a great
way to alert drivers on the road that you either need to get by if you are an emergency
vehicle or simply warn those that you are working and to be aware. We have high end
lighting suppliers that carry every type of strobe lighting you can imagine. Whether it be
Drill in Strobes in headlights and taillights, Hide-a-ways behind the grill, Visor and rear
bar lighting for a hidden interior mounted strobe option or our new LED Light controllers
for newer vehicles that can strobe the factory lighting with the simple installation of our
special modules. We can also install and wire up exterior LED Spot and flood lighting, a
very sought after upgrade for Plow and Landscape professionals. Whatever your
profession, Whatever your needs, We have a strobe and work light solution for you!

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