THE WORST DEALERSHIP on Long Island. – Robertwireless10

THE WORST DEALERSHIP on Long Island. DO NOT BUY OR TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO GET SERVICED. If you want good service please DO NOT come here. I took my Range Rover Velar 2018 to get serviced back in May 2022 for an issue w an airbag and I keep in mind I had bought the Extra warranty $. The service manager Matthew Alper said at first the issue wasn’t covered by the extra warranty I had purchased the day I got the car but l after a lot of talking and a few days it was solved because they knew they were WRONG for selling me a warranty that didn’t cover issues they had said it would but, when taken to the dealership for service they want to rip you off and say the warrant doesn’t cover that specify issue. It took abt 2-3 wks to get back because of how careless they are and supposedly the part was taking long to get shipped. After 2-3 wks they had finished the job when I went to pick up we noticed at the dealership they had put 3 dents and a few scratches in my side door which was done there!! It took several trips to the dealer and several wks to get it fixed and wasn’t ever fixed right and it was due to how mediocre they are at everything!! Not everyone is mediocre at this dealership but unfortunately a lot are. The service manage Matthew Alper doesn’t know what it is to be a manager and fix problems his own workers caused which is ridiculous for such a high class luxury car dealership. Service adviser Steven Alvarado also mediocre. These people don’t care abt anything other then $$. Ever time we have taken the car for them to fix the dents and scratched that were done at their dealership the more issues we found each and every time. Some of these people at Land Rover Huntington are careless, unprofessional very mediocre the WORST service manager and service adviser. I feel bad for the actual good people there is at this dealership because some have given it such a bad representation.

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