A 1974 Mini 1098cc. This car has recently arrived from South Africa, and looks to be totally rust free. The paint, which is Almond Green with a white roof, is good, and the trim is Tan with very nice blue carpets. The car drives very well, and represents excellent value at its very reasonable reserve.

This lovely little Mini 1100 was bought by a man for his newly married wife as a wedding gift. The lady then later went on to drive the kids to school for 12 years in the Mini, and they absolutely loved it. In later years, the Mini was passed on to her son, an absolute car fanatic, (with a sizable Alfa collection of his own now) and avid restorer. He decided to pay tribute to his mother by doing a ground up restoration on the Mini. It was a good 2 years where every nut and bolt was fastened by his hands. Everything was rebuilt and refreshed from the engine, drive train, interior and all, this is a proper restoration job. With dad in tow, they took the Mini for its again maiden drive, but there were too many emotions. The car then sat for 6 months unused.

The vendor arrived looking for an Alfa, but when he saw the Mini and its absolutely mint condition, he was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. The passionate son explained the whole story, and how himself and his father were now just too emotional to drive the little old Mini that mum loved so much. So instead of driving off with an Alfa, the drove away right there and then in the Mini that started up first time (with a battery jump of course). The car comes with the original service book and the Driver’s Handbook (in English and Afrikaans!) in it’s original folder, and there is a write up with pictures of the restoration. 

The car has had all import duties paid, and has a NOVA reference number.

This car will be offered for sale with the U.K registration to follow, which has been applied for by Barons. We guarantee that the car will be successfully U.K registered for the buyer, or a full refund will be provided.

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