This Identification guide has been written to assist people in determining the authenticity of an Australian MK1 Morris Cooper S. For the MK2 Australian Cooper S, click here. The Australian MK1 variant of the Cooper S had a number of unique features when compared to other Mini models, and these are explained in detail below, including information with respect to correct engine and chassis number identification.



The MK1 Morris Cooper S had the largest production numbers of the Australian produced Cooper S cars, and is a highly desirable car in Australia and internationally, due to the unique and arguably improved features applied. Values of the Morris Cooper S have skyrocketed in recent years, and as a result, information regarding the accurate identity of these cars is essential, as they are closely related to the standard Minis of the same era, with many replicas produced. This guide provides a detailed outline, with associated images, to assist a prospective purchaser or owner in accurately identifying a vehicle. 

Number produced: Approximately 4,986 MK1 Cooper S cars were produced. Approximately 7,500 Cooper S cars in Australia were produced in total (both MK1 and MK2).

Period of manufacture: September 1965 – April 1969. Note, there was partial overlap with MK2 production, and often components of both series cars may be seen on both around the changeover period. Where possible, these items have been detailed in this guide.

Please note, this guide has been written based on a variety of online sources and enthusiast input. You should not rely on this guide to make any purchasing decision and we make no representation that all information is accurate. You should always seek independent professional advice when looking to purchase a unique car. If you have additional information, photographs or corrections you believe need to be made to this page, please contact us by clicking the button at the top of this page, or comment below. 

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