If you want an upscale waiting room, with a cappuccino machine, this ain’t it. Country comfortable, clean and basic. They repair anything from my Prius to a cement truck to a full sized motorhome to your SUV in high, truck-sized repair bays. They are one of the only facility permitted to tow on the NYS Thruway (I 87). The shop is clean and orderly with modern test equipment and tools. The mechanics look like mechanics, not dental hygienists. Read More

The tow vehicles, of various sizes, are new looking, modern, clean, well equipped. It’s a family-owned business and Mr. Steyer is working along with the boys in the bays, daughter doing the scheduling and the books, relieved by other family members now and then. If you have no one to drop you off, they will bring you home then come pick you up. They are friendly, they kid around, they work at a reasonable pace. They sit with you and explain what they found in the level of detail that you can understand, what they recommend and what you can put off for a while if you keep an eye on it. Perfect? Only God is perfect, especially with our sophisticated, very complicated, modern vehicles. But they have a better track record than most everyone else I’ve engaged or worked with; I was an auto mechanic for a number of years in my younger days so I understand more than a bit and know when someone is BSing me. I’ve been going to them for years. Not cheap; they do good work for the current going rate.

Pietro P – Saugerties, NY

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