Austin Seven Pick-up / Austin Mini Pick-up

After the British Motor Corporation (BMC) had launched a bodywork variant of the Mini for the first time in January 1960 with the Mini-Van, another utility vehicle in the Mini family was launched on the market with the Mini Pick-up in January 1961. The construction of the bodywork was identical with the van up to the B-column and the new pick-up also provided a generous cargo platform. Designed as a utility vehicle, the van was provided with Spartan equipment. No chrome trims were fitted to the bodywork and the grille characteristic of the pick-up was simply made of stamped sheet metal painted in the colour of the car. Austin and Morris models were simply distinguished by their emblem. As with the saloon, BMC marketed the pick-up as Austin and Morris models. The two models were only distinguished by their emblems.

Construction Time from

Construction Time to

GBP 380

Type of engine
Four-cylinder in-line engine

848 cc

Power output
34 hp at 5500 rpm

Maximum Speed
116 km/h (72 mph)

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