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DateActionLocationVote2/14/2022 Bill Numbered but not DistributedLegislative Research and General Counsel2/14/2022 Numbered Bill Publicly DistributedLegislative Research and General Counsel2/15/2022 House/ received bill from Legislative ResearchClerk of the House2/15/2022 House/ 1st reading (Introduced)House Rules Committee2/18/2022 House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal AnalystHouse Rules Committee2/22/2022 House/ to standing committeeHouse Education Committee2/24/2022 House Comm – Amendment Recommendation # 1House Education Committee12 0 32/24/2022 House Comm – Amendment Recommendation # 2House Education Committee12 0 32/24/2022 House Comm – Favorable RecommendationHouse Education Committee12 0 32/24/2022 (2:15:49 PM)House/ comm rpt/ amendedHouse Education Committee2/24/2022 (2:15:50 PM)House/ 2nd readingHouse 3rd Reading Calendar for House bills2/25/2022 (10:36:07 AM)House/ 3rd readingHouse 3rd Reading Calendar for House bills2/25/2022 (10:36:44 AM)House/ floor amendment # 3House 3rd Reading Calendar for House billsVoice vote2/25/2022 (10:46:46 AM)House/ passed 3rd readingSenate Secretary68 0 72/25/2022 (10:46:48 AM)House/ to SenateSenate Secretary2/25/2022 Senate/ received from HouseWaiting for Introduction in the Senate2/25/2022 Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)Senate Rules Committee2/25/2022 Senate/ to standing committeeSenate Education Committee2/28/2022 Senate Comm – Substitute Recommendation from # 0 to # 1Senate Education Committee4 0 22/28/2022 Senate Comm – Favorable RecommendationSenate Education Committee4 0 23/1/2022 LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsorSenate Education Committee3/1/2022 LFA/ fiscal note publicly availableSenate Education Committee3/1/2022 (10:23:22 AM)Senate/ comm rpt/ substitutedSenate Education Committee3/1/2022 (10:23:23 AM)Senate/ placed on 2nd Reading CalendarSenate 2nd Reading Calendar3/2/2022 (11:42:03 AM)Senate/ 2nd & 3rd readings/ suspensionSenate 2nd Reading Calendar3/2/2022 (11:42:25 AM)Senate/ circledSenate 2nd Reading CalendarVoice vote3/2/2022 (11:57:20 AM)Senate/ uncircledSenate 2nd Reading CalendarVoice vote3/2/2022 (11:59:59 AM)Senate/ passed 2nd & 3rd readings/ suspensionClerk of the House26 0 33/2/2022 (12:00:00 PM)Senate/ to House with amendmentsClerk of the House3/2/2022 (2:30:37 PM)House/ received from SenateClerk of the House3/2/2022 (2:30:38 PM)House/ placed on Concurrence CalendarHouse Concurrence Calendar3/3/2022 (10:52:15 AM)House/ concurs with Senate amendmentSenate President70 0 53/3/2022 (10:52:16 AM)House/ to SenateSenate President3/3/2022 Senate/ received from HouseSenate President3/3/2022 Senate/ signed by President/ returned to HouseHouse Speaker3/3/2022 Senate/ to HouseHouse Speaker3/3/2022 House/ received from SenateHouse Speaker3/3/2022 House/ signed by Speaker/ sent for enrollingLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling3/8/2022 Bill Received from House for EnrollingLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling3/8/2022 Draft of Enrolled Bill PreparedLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling3/10/2022 Enrolled Bill Returned to House or SenateClerk of the House3/10/2022 House/ enrolled bill to PrintingClerk of the House3/10/2022 House/ to GovernorExecutive Branch – Governor3/24/2022 Governor SignedLieutenant Governor’s office for filing

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