In 1961 John Cooper helped improve the Mini to ready it for racing, it got twin SU carbs, close ratio gearbox and front disc brakes, with 997cc, they called it the Mini Cooper. The 1st Cooper S was in 1963, with 1071 cc and 1275cc from 1964

In Australia the round nose Mini was built from 1965-69 and known as the Mini Deluxe with 998cc engine, it got wind up windows rather than the English car with sliding windows. The last round nose Mini was the 1969 Mini K with 1098cc engine, it was then replaced by the square nose Clubman (the Mk II was not produced in Australia)

Australian Minis were fitted with wind-up windows years ahead of their UK counterparts. Morris Mini Coopers and Cooper S were also made and supplied to the Australian and New Zealand Police forces as high speed pursuit vehicles
2 door Saloon only.

Engine; 1100 or 1275cc 4 cyl.

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