Re: DOMESTIC motor 100hp per liter…Honda isnt ahead of nobody! (94SupraTTisback)

Here are a few interesting facts that are shown on their “concept” car…looks like someone let the engineers loose and told them to have fun.

Displacement on Demand
The cylinder shutdown is enabled through valve deactivation, which is performed by a compact switchable tappet. Cylinder de-activation occurs on the right-hand bank only, which allows the engine to run as a perfectly balanced inline 6-cylinder. The system deactivation and reactivation has a quick response time and the oil system and solenoid layout allows valve switching capability at up to 6000 rpm. In May 2001, GM announced that it will implement Displacement on Demand in its trucks and SUVs beginning in 2004.

Direct Injection Gasoline
Using a direct-injection gasoline combustion system provides an increase in engine power and also improves fuel economy and cold-start hydrocarbon emissions. The multiple injection set-up also improves emissions and performance through faster catalyst light-off. The single fluid high-pressure fuel injector is centrally located in the combustion chamber, and sprays the fuel vertically down to the piston.

Variable Cam Phasing
The use of variable cam phasing helps the Northstar XV12 achieve 90 percent of its maximum torque at 1500 rpm, improves combustion stability at idle, improves fuel economy by reducing pumping losses and can be used to speed up catalyst light-off to significantly improve emissions. It provides internal exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), which is more reliable and cost-effective than an external EGR set-up.

Variable Intake Manifold
The Northstar XV12’s three-stage variable induction system with tuned primary and secondary pipes results in a flat torque curve. It’s a simple, compact and reliable design. Electric variable intake valve actuators enable rapid changes in manifold geometry over conventional pneumatic actuators.

Rear Chain Timing Drive
Many of the engine’s accessories are run off the rear chain timing drive, creating opportunities for better packaging by eliminating the need for a front engine accessory drive and reducing the engine’s overall length, as well as the height of its front end. The robust yet quiet-running chain drives the engine’s camshafts, high-pressure fuel pump, oil pump, and hydraulic power-assist steering pump, and also has the potential to drive the water pump and air conditioning compressor.

36,000-Mile Oil Change Interval
The Northstar XV12 is designed for 36,000-mile intervals between oil changes. This is achieved through a combination of improved oil sensors and monitors, reduced oil consumption, oil cooling and a larger oil sump capacity.

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