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Chevy Monte Carlo 1971, Drag Race Monotube Adjustable Shock Absorber for Stock Height Vehicles by Competition Engineering®. Quantity: 1 per Pack. 3-Way Adjustable Drag Shocks are designed to allow the racer to dial-in the race car to meet changing track conditions. Shock valving plays a very important role in the way your car will perform both during initial launch and throughout the quarter mile.The principle behind shock absorber design is to allow the front end of the race car to rise rapidly upon initial launch, creating greater weight transfer and better traction to the rear tires. As the car travels down the track, the front end will gradually descend to its ride height without unloading the rear tires which is a major cause of wheel spin. Rear shocks work in conjunction with front shocks making the transition from initial launch to top end charge as smooth as possible.


  • It’s recommended to replace shock or strut in pairs (passenger and driver side at the same time).


Adjustable Type: AdjustableShock Type: Monotube


  • These ratios also represent the percentage of force required to compress and extend the shock unit
  • Only this time, the first number is compression and the second extension
  • Also adjust by compressing them fully and rotating to the desired setting on the body
  • Can be adjusted for changing track conditions by simple compressing and turning the shock

If you want to add some performance to your vehicle, Competition Engineering has you covered. Shaped by decades of on-track experience Competition Engineering parts are able to withstand the rigors of added power. Competition Engineering helps you create the vehicle of your dreams by offering a wide range of performance solutions. Because when it comes to street performance or hardcore racing, Competition Engineering is the name you can trust. Let your ride perform at its peak with this part by Competition Engineering.

Competition Engineering® has been designing and manufacturing chassis and suspension components for both street and strip applications since the 90’s. Known as The Chassis people, the Competition Engineering team meticulously develops complex designed products through CAD programs and then track tests all of the products before presenting them to the world. All of the products are made to improve performance and durability on the vehicles they are applied to. Whether you are building a street rod, street machine or a drag car, industry leading chassis components by Competition Engineering will complement your project.

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