What is Clear Bra?

Paint protection film, also known as PPF, has long gone by another name: clear bra. This harkens back to the 1980s, when predominantly black vinyl “bras” were affixed the front of some more valuable cars to protect them from stone chips. These flappy, ugly contraptions were effective to a point, but they were also a home to mildew and mold, and looked quite ridiculous. An invisible solution was needed. With the advent of clear, self-adhesive film initially stuck to the same area of cars, but eventually extended to provide full protective coverage, the term “clear bra” came into use.

In regions with roads where a great deal of grit accumulates, it makes sense to apply clear bra New York Interstates being an excellent example of this. Between the salt, sand and grit spread on interstates and the NY Thruway in winter, and the profusion of large trucks, those travelling on highways in New York are constantly risking their cars’ paintwork if they do not have clear bra expertly installed.

Those who drive in Nassau and Suffolk Counties are all too well aware of the hazards a well-maintained car faces east of Queens! Paint protection film should be standard on every nice car, but it isn’t. In the need for clear bra Long Island must lead the nation due to the concentration of collectible and beautiful cars, the density of traffic, and the atrocious condition of the roads. This is one of the reasons Detailing Dynamics is centrally located in Mineola, within easy and convenient reach of all Long Island, and the entire greater New York Area.

If you never really leave Manhattan and the five boroughs, do you need paint protection film? Yes! PPF defends against far more than stone chips. Pretty much anything that might hit your paintwork but isn’t heavy enough to dent the car is likely to crack the finish. Shopping carts, car doors, tree branches, tennis balls, careless cyclists and pedestrians can all cause scratches or chips in paint. So too can unprofessional or automated car washers. There are many excellent reasons for you to have clear bra NYC dwellers! If you don’t believe it, just try keeping a nice car in the city without PPF.

If you are looking for the best Clear Bra & Paint Protection Film Installer in Long Island or Nassau County New York, then you have come to the right place.  Call us at (516) 747-4114 or stop by today for an estimate on auto paint protection film.

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