Amazing customer service and quality of work! I placed the order for my car back in 03/29/2021 and reached out to Todd and the team at D.A.S shortly after, anticipating a 3-4/mo build process at the latest. Long story short, due to the chip shortage and production delays I didn’t receive my car until 8/mo later in November! The entire time Todd and I were in communication with constant updates and he was flexible and understanding about pushing out appointment dates multiple times. Even after 8/mo Todd was proactive and reached out to me on a regular bases to make sure we were able to get the car in ASAP after delivery to get it protected. Once the vehicle was dropped off the real fun began, I had informed the dealer not to wash or touch the vehicle upon delivery to minimize any marring or scratches. Needless to say the car was filthy from traveling halfway across the country, but I didn’t care as it was finally here! The team at D.A.S did an amazing job with the stage two ceramic coating and ceramic tint, I could not be more impressed with the quality of work and sheer value of the service. When I picked the car up it was like a second reveal, looked and felt like a completely new car! Well done Todd and team, you not only have a customer for life, but an advocate for anyone I come in contact with that are looking for the services you provide!

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