Just got home from my very first time at Mike’s auto care center. When I called, I was greeted very kindly, and when I pulled my 98′ civic in with it’s rusted out and broken exhaust pipe, Rosa was very friendly as well. I didn’t have a ride while I waited for the repairs, so I hung out there and read my book while talking intermittently with Mike and Rosa. Since I was there at 8:30am and their breakfast was on the way, they ordered an Omelet for me!!! I couldn’t believe it. I went from going to Lee’s Quality Tire center (where I was treated like I was a burden) to Mike’s Auto Care Center, where I was treated like a friend. I paid double the price of the muffler I could have ordered online, but the time I saved and the friendly/caring atmosphere I was provided with helped me get over it. And instead of intimidating me into buying more repairs like 90% of repair shops do, Mike specifically said he doesn’t do that because he wants his clients to feel comfortable and welcome. He took me to see the repairs done before the car was lowered, and since my civic has almost 220,000 miles, he took additional time to point out a few things that may need attention in the future.

Mike and Rosa, thank you for being a diamond in the ruff. I was going to give up on repair shops altogether in Orange County, but you and your crew set the standard for how business should be done. Don’t ever stop.

And to whoever is considering spending your hard earned money at this establishment, take it from me, I’ve been going to different repair shops in this area for the past 12 years of driving and this is now the only one I’ll ever go to so long as they’re door says “open” …Thank you.

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