Got wheels? They are a defining aspect of automobiles, so much so that the word is often used as a synonym for a car or truck. In addition to the wheels that help a vehicle roll, another wheel is an essential part of its DNA: the steering wheel.

Steering wheels have not always been used to guide vehicles, however. In their early years, automobiles were steered by tillers, much as sailors guided their boats. But the ease and convenience of steering wheels soon edged out the tiller, on land at least.

Wheels for the World

Steering wheels no doubt will remain the steering standard of choice on autos until and if self-driving vehicles take over the world. For now and into the foreseeable future, a good steering wheel is an absolute necessity for safe vehicle operation, of course. But it also is a crucial aesthetic component of any car or truck. After all, the driver will be looking at or over the wheel for much if not all of the trip. The right steering wheel should provide a firm grasp for motorists’ hands and good road feel while making drivers’ comfortable but not so comfortable that they lose awareness of the road.

Superior Steering

For sports cars, a great steering wheel is even more important. If you drive a supercar like a Chevy Corvette, you want a steering wheel that will give you pinpoint control over the twists, turns and curve cutting you will be making at speed. You also want a wheel that will look good and impress passengers, show goers and car club members.

Eckler’s Corvette carries dozens of premium Vette steering wheels covering generations C1 through C4, from 1953 to 1996. Whether you are seeking a 1971 Corvette steering wheel, a 1981 Corvette steering wheel or one for another year, we offer you a full range of options.

If your steering wheel is sticky, dirty or just beginning to disintegrate from age, we stock replacement Corvette steering wheels that will boost the safety and the looks of your ride’s interior. We carry steering wheels that look just like the originals for a perfect restoration. We also stock steering wheels to upgrade your Vette’s looks. These include steering wheels made of natural materials like leather and wood that will add a touch of class to your ride’s badass looks.

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