Yes, VIP uses lease termination rebates and other forgiveness promotions to help our clients get out of their lease early and upgrade to a new car. Speak to our local New York based leasing experts today to arrange this unique lease exit process.

Most car leases permit on average 12,000-15,000 miles per year for a 3 year period. This can be negotiated up front and included in the monthly fee. Additional miles and maintenance are usually the drivers responsibility.

Extensions can be negotiated and granted in some circumstances. It is not automatically included in all contracts.

For the self employed there are excellent benefits for leasing. The lease payment can be deducted as a business expense as a percentage of how often the car is used for work. The mileage and fees associated with parking can also be deducted.

The short answer is, it depends. Some lease contracts prohibited it. But, when it is permitted one is always required to notify the lease holder and update their new address, for tax and insurance reasons.

No! There are ways to lease a car with little or no money down depending on the time, credit history and ability to pay. There are however upfront costs for taxes and fees as required

Requirements vary based on the car and company but a strong credit score can help greatly with getting the best auto lease deals in New York. The driver must be over the age of 18, with a valid license. There are various programs and incentives to help those that are new drivers or have below average credit scores.


A NYC Car Lease – VIP Style

Our clients never face hidden fees, unannounced car cost hikes, or unseen paperwork. With our massive lease volume, we can assure you of the most competitive car leasing rates in the market. And with our flexible car leasing in NYC, you can either trade your car at the end of the lease or turn it in and lease a new one. Most importantly, we put our clients first by designing an experience they’ll love. As soon as you reach out, you’ll be greeted by a leasing specialist who will walk you through everything.

The Secret To A Proper Zero Down Lease 

Zero-down car lease deals are becoming increasingly popular. They require no down payment, have low monthly payments, and can be used for any type of vehicle. Traditionally as long as you have a stable credit score and history, you will be able to take advantage of this type of lease. But at VIP Auto Lease we are able to help those with low credit scores and even no credit to lease their dream vehicle. 

Still Close To Brooklyn – Now Serving The Entire Nation

VIP Auto Lease has one of our main car lots right here in Brooklyn, NY. We are proud to provide the lowest cost car leasing in Brooklyn. But that doesn’t mean other cities and even states can’t benefit from our amazing lease deals. Since we are one of the major online lease brokers we have partners across the country so anyone can finalize their car lease on our website, and we will even deliver your brand new vehicle right to your door!

US Made Chevy, GMC, RAM, Jeep & Cadillac SUV’s Take Globe By Storm

We know and love the top American auto companies like Chevy, GMC, RAM, Jeep & Cadillac and their SUVs have a special place in our hearts. They have large 3 row SUVs, with large and powerful engines and they look amazing! Take a look at some of the hottest SUVs at the most amazing prices. Check out our: NYC GMC leases, NYC Cadillac leases, NYC Jeep leases, NYC RAM leases, and NYC Chevy leases today!

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