State Farm Auto Insurance Review: Quotes and Service (2022)

State Farm Auto Insurance Review: Quotes and Service (2022)

Reading: State Farm Auto Insurance Review: Quotes and Service (2022)


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Offers several discounts, including a student discount and a good driver discount

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Available in 50 states and Washington, D.C.

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Provides rideshare insurance


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No accident forgiveness, new car replacement, gap insurance, deductible modification, or better car replacement coverage

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No unique coverages are available, like OEM


country grow has an average customer gratification evaluation and above-average complaints repute. In terms of cost, State Farm is cheap for most types of drivers, including adolescent drivers and drivers with a traffic irreverence. MoneyGeek has researched the best car policy companies and grow resources to help you determine the cheapest car policy companies in the United States, which includes details on State Farm and its competitors. To compare State Farm with other insurers, you can besides using our car insurance comparison tool.


How Does State Farm Rank for Customer Service?

As the car indemnity supplier with the largest marketplace parcel across the state, State Farm holds a high rank among its competitors. According to AM Best, State Farm ranks high among providers for fiscal constancy. That quality alone makes it one of the best car policy companies in the nation. While State Farm offers an array of discounts for drivers who meet particular thresholds, it besides receives a significant number of complaints, which translates to an average customer satisfaction score.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

First Notice of Loss: 4 /5 appraisal of the process: 4 /5 Repair serve: 4 /5 Claims Servicing: 4 /5 rental experience: 3 /5 village: 4 /5 Based on data provided by J.D. Power, State Farm receives a score of 878 out of 1,000 points for customer satisfaction. Considering that the industry average is 835 points, State Farm’s reputation in this area is slightly above that of a distinctive insurance company. J.D. Power datum was integrated into these leading ratings, giving you a feel for their reputation in some more specific categories.

Customer Complaint Ratio

department of state farm The National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ) tracks the act of complaints issued against indemnity providers. Scores are obtained by comparing an insurance company’s number of complaints to the nonpayment national median of 1.00. A lower score indicates fewer complaints. State Farm car insurance company has a score of 1.28, meaning that the caller receives more complaints than most policy companies in the nation.


State Farm Auto Insurance Quotes: How Much Does it Cost?

MoneyGeek gathered car indemnity quotes from all 50 states and the District of Columbia where State Farm is operational and averaged them for sample drivers. Based on our analysis, in the areas where the company does business, State Farm is cheap for car policy; a policy costs $ 1,235 per year on average. state of matter farm is bum for our sample driver who purchases wax coverage, wants minimum coverage, is an adolescent, or has a speed ticket. When shopping for the cheapest car indemnity company, it is best to compare quotes from respective providers. however, reputation, customer atonement, and other factors are significant to consider American Samoa well as the monetary value of car insurance when choosing an insurance company.

Average Annual Cost of Car Insurance with State Farm versus National Average

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Is State Farm Car Insurance Expensive or Cheap? Why?

state farm car policy is generally cheap for a typical driver with full coverage, minimal coverage, or a dealings rape. youthful drivers are not left out either — State Farm gives them a cheap car policy, excessively. policy companies aren’t metric ton constantly crystalline with their rate calculation methodology. Your credit score, drive record, senesce and placement can all affect the price. In malice of this, State Farm’s rates are generally low, providing cheap car indemnity for all types of drivers and coverage limits. Loading…

Discounts Offered by State Farm That Can Help You Save

evening through State Farm’s cable car indemnity rates are, on average, cheap, discounts can drive policy rates even lower. State Farm offers some of the most prevailing car indemnity discounts, including bundling, multiple vehicles, safe driving, anti-theft system, defensive driving, and airbag discounts. however, it lacks some of the most park discounts, such as pay-in-full and paperless. One of the reasons State Farm is great for youthful drivers is that it offers a discount for completing a driver’s education course before a long time 21 and a good student dismisses. For drivers with a cable car from 1994 or by and by, a dismissal on medical payments is available.


Compare State Farm Directly With Other Car Insurance Companies

MoneyGeek offers resources to help you compare State Farm to other major indemnity companies in your state of matter to help you choose the best car insurance, provider. Our comparison tool can show you how State Farm compares in terms of customer service, cost, and standout coverages. furthermore, our tool can connect you to resources that allow you to compare State Farm to its competitors.

Company Comparison

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Does State Farm Offer Broad or Unique Coverage?

State Farm offers standard coverages such as liability insurance, and comprehensive and collision insurance, like most insurers. And State Farm offers some of the most distinctive car indemnity accessory coverages: roadside assistance and rental car and/or travel reimbursement. however, it does not offer other common coverages, such as accident forgiveness, new car replacement, gap insurance, deductible modification, or better car replacement. state farm does not offer any singular coverage, but for people who need rideshare insurance, it is available through the company.

What Online Auto Insurance Tools Does State Farm Offer?

To meet customer needs adequately, State Farm provides versatile online back tools and a policy account management framework for filing claims, paying bills, and calculating policy rates. Besides working with an agent to manage your policy, you can besides access all available services online or through the State Farm app.

  • type of feature description
  • Online Price Quotes receive real-time price quotes through the State Farm website.
  • Online Bill Pay Pay your bills through the State Farm website or mobile app.
  • Online Claims Filing a call can be done through an agentive role, on the State Farm website, or through the mobile app. You can initiate claims over the telephone.
  • Mobile App The mobile app has respective tools and FAQs available to help you manage your policy effectively.
  • Financial Advice information and other financial resources are available on the State Farm website in the form of FAQs. These are besides available on the fluid app.


Other State Farm Insurance Products

On top of the car policy, State Farm insurance provides several other policies, such as homeowners and renters policies. Bundling your car insurance with a different insurance type can save you a meaningful percentage of your premium.

  • the character of the product description
  • Homeowners Insurance Protect your home, personal property, and other valuable items from damage with the homeowner’s policy coverage.
  • Renters Insurance If you stay in a leased place, you can get coverage for your personal property such as electronics, and furniture and invest using this coverage.
  • Condo Insurance state Farm condominium unit owners insurance covers personal property losses due to theft, arouse, and other upwind and non-weather related incidents.
  • Landlord Insurance rental property indemnity is for property owners. It covers property that you rent out and helps pay for any injury, place damage, and indebtedness claims made against you.
  • Rideshare Insurance State Farm offers competitive Rideshare insurance coverage for drivers who work with a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft.
  • Personal Property Insurance Offers added protection for valuable personal items and more coverage than homeowners indemnity. This policy covers damage or larceny of jewelry, all right art, collectibles, electronic and sports equipment, and health devices.
  • Life Insurance Term Life and Permanent Life policy options from State Farm provide death coverage to you and your loved ones.
  • Business Insurance This policy provides a full roll of customizable options for business owners.
  • Health Insurance Comprehensive health insurance coverage options are available for individuals, families, and seniors.

Financial Strength

AM Best evaluates the fiscal intensity of a policy company to determine if it is capable of fulfilling its financial commitment to clients. State Farm received an AM Best fiscal lastingness rate of A++, which is besides the highest among all car policy companies surveyed. Loading…


How to Make a Car Insurance Claim With State Farm

If you have a State Farm insurance policy, the easiest way to initiate a claim is through the company website. Once you log in, go to the claims section and provide details about your accident to get started. You can besides use the State Farm mobile app, call the caller’s claims line or contact your agent directly. see that you have your policy information quick ahead and initiate a claim.

Contact State Farm Car Insurance

Methodology and Assumptions

To evaluate and review car policy companies, MoneyGeek cautiously weighs factors such as price, fiscal strength, policy features, customer satisfaction, overhaul, and other leading indicators. MoneyGeek besides references publicly available data from industry leaders such as J.D. Power, AM Best, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ), and the Better Business Bureau. Learn more about MoneyGeek’s sulfur inspection methodology here. About the author

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Mark Fitzpatrick is an aged contentedness coach with MoneyGeek specializing in indemnity. Mark has years of have analyzing the indemnity grocery store and creating original research and content. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts and Johns Hopkins University with a dominate of Arts.



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