Who offers Car Insurance for seniors?

merely about every insurance company offers Car Insurance for seniors, and in some cases at a cheaper premium because ultimately, seniors can broadly be safe, low-risk customers. There are, however, some companies that specialise in insuring well-seasoned drivers .

What are the different types of Car Insurance available for seniors?

No matter your age, know, or driving history, you ’ ll generally distillery have access to the same four types of indemnity policy as all drivers. here ’ s a quick refresher on what each covers .
This is compulsory indemnity for every driver in Australia and in some states it ’ s paid automatically whenever you register your car. It helps cover accidental injury or death to another person caused by your drive .

Third Party Property Damage (TPP)

The following is Third Party Property Insurance. As the name suggests, this helps cover wrong to other people ’ second vehicles and property caused by an accident that was your fault. It generally doesn ’ metric ton cover damages to your car or property though. If you take this insurance out, you would be responsible for the costs of replacing or repairing your own car in the event of an accident.

Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF&T)

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance helps cover third base party property price as above, but besides includes damage to your car because of open fire or larceny. Remember, this option still doesn ’ metric ton cover damage caused to your car in an at-fault accident or for most possible incidents .


The highest breed available is comprehensive Car Insurance. Whether an accident is your fault or not, a comprehensive policy can help cover damage to other people ’ south property and vehicles, vitamin a good as your own .
In many cases, it may besides cover events like hail or storm wrong. A comprehensive policy often comes with options to add extras to your brood, like a rent cable car or Roadside Assistance and Personal Effects Cover. These options vary between providers and some may be covered in the original premium, so it ’ second always worth checking out .

Car insurance type Damage to your car Damage to another person’s car or property Damage or loss caused by theft Injuries or death to others in an accident
CTP No No No Yes
Third Party property No Yes

No No ( but covered by CTP )
Third Party Fire and Theft No Yes Yes No ( but covered by CTP )
Comprehensive Yes Yes Yes No ( but covered by CTP )

What are the licensing requirements for senior drivers?

These requirements vary between states and can change, sol make sure you check the current laws in your submit before taking out car policy .
broadly speaking, at long time 75 you need to start being more aware of your health. Some states may require medical certificates, while others, like Victoria, will require you to renew your license every three years .
The following table lays out some points for each state as of March 2021 .
The links below provide more information requirements for seniors in different states :

How could seniors save on their Car Insurance policies?

well, you ’ ve already done one thing that may help, being a senior, but there are other things you can look into which could help bring your premium down .

  • No claims discount: Hopefully over the years you’ll have accrued a maximum no claims discount, the exact discount can vary between insurers, so check it out.
  • Listed drivers: Be aware that listing young drivers on your policy can bump up your premium with some insurers. You could save by restricting your policy to drivers to over a certain age.
  • Garage your car: A car which is securely garaged at night is safer from theft and other damage, so may attract a lower car insurance premium.
  • Low mileage: If you’re driving less, you could be paying less. Check out low mileage or ‘pay as you drive’ style policies.

Ready to find a Car Insurance policy for seniors?

iSelect has been around a while besides. Get a promptly, easy comparison on-line with iSelect ’ randomness Car Insurance comparison tool, or call 13 19 20 and one of our consultants will help you compare from our rate of providers and policies .
concluding updated : 08/02/2022

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