I’m a young driver…

Straight up – there’s learner drivers using someone else’s car and then there’s young drivers who own their own car. And the insurance required is different for each.
The usually starts out:
  • Looking to clock up on their parent’s or grandparent’s car.
  • Taking lessons and getting ready for the test.
  • At 17/18/19 years old and are on their first provisional licence.

Call us now to find out how much it will cost to add a named driver to a parent ’ mho policy .

In contrast the typical profile of a looking to insure their own car for the first time is:
  • Someone holding a full licence having passed their test.
  • A driver possibly on Novice plates or newly moved off them.
  • Someone with a claims free record of driving their parent’s car as a named driver under their insurance policy
  • Just that bit older- typically 20- 25.

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I’ve got Penalty Points…

Yes, we can quote you – in fact we have a survival of indemnity policies that are specifically designed for people who have two or more sets of penalty points .
It ’ randomness very crucial to let us know if you have been awarded penalty points. We will need to know the type of motoring crime committed, the number of points that have been added and from what date. penalty points remain on your drive read with the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport for a period of three years. cable car Insurers have access to this database – it ’ s called the National Vehicle and Driver File. technically, you should tell us arsenic soon as you receive your penalty points. Failing that however, most people bring it to our attention at their reclamation date. The significant thing is that you have options .
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I’ve just returned to Ireland…

not a trouble –. In fact, if you are bringing your car with you, tied if it is a left pass drive, we can get you a competitive quotation with an A-rated insurance company .
rather than go to the trouble oneself of filling out our on-line quotation form, which is chiefly designed for longer terminus resident Irish drivers – we recommend that you give us a call option then that we can chat through your details. We will then be back to you identical promptly ( an hour or then ) with at least one quotation and probable multiple quotes .
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I’ve a medical condition…

You are allowed to drive in Ireland once you have the allow drive license and insurance .
Whatever your especial medical conditions, your doctor will tell you if you are unfit to drive. If this is the case, you must surrender your driving license until you are once again deem fit to drive. One of the most coarse examples of this is following a diagnosis of epilepsy. Once you are seizure barren for 12 months or more, you can normally apply to have your license reinstated. once you send off a medical report confirming this to the, your license will be returned. For more details see .
It is crucial that you always disclose any medical conditions to both the Driving license Authority and to your indemnity company .
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I’ve a conviction…

Yes, we can help you get a competitive citation for your indemnity even if you have a, a or of up to 60 months .
If you have received a six-month disqualification for reaching the penalty point limit, please call us and be able to give us full details of all of the offences. Typically these will be dates, fines, phone number of penalty points, length of prohibition and time period of captivity. We are here to help you. There is no necessitate to be embarrassed ; we deal with people in like situations every sidereal day
In most instances we will be able to give you a quote on the spot. If not, you will not be waiting for more than an hour or two .
For a quote, call us now on and we ’ ll do the hard work .

I’ve a foreign Driving licence…

not a problem – we can get you a survival of quotes for your indemnity – all from A-rated insurance companies .
If your driving license is from early EU countries, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Japan, then some policy companies will quote you as if your license was a full irish license. If your license is from a country other than those listed above, then some companies will not quote and others will class your license as if you have an irish Learner ’ s permit. The best thing to do is give us a call and we can chat to you about the assorted options open to you equally well as giving you advice on what insurance policy will suit you best.

For holders of UK driver licences, for more detail information
For a quote, call us nowadays on and we ’ ll do the hard workplace .

I’ve an Endorsed licence…

, it means that you have been caught breaking a rule, or rules, of the road. Depending on the severity of the crime you may or may not have appeared in court. In certain cases, if you were to appear in woo, the woo may orderliness an endorsement with or without a disqualification to drive. What is certain though, is that you will have received a fine and penalty points. These penalty points remain attach to your license for 3 years. These are endorsed onto your license and stamped on your driver record held with the National Vehicle and Driver File .
If you are the holder of an second driving license, call us and talk through your details. To speed things up, it is utilitarian to have the stick to information to hand : Your driving license number, the date of your offense, the count of punishment points and the measure of your very well. We ’ ll be bet on to you in about an hour with a quote or a range of quotes, all from A-rated insurers .
For a quote, call us now on and we ’ ll do the intemperate employment .

I’ve a non-standard Car…

Non-standard cars come in many guises. possibly it is a leave hand drive ( steering wheel on the left pass side ), – has new bumpers added, bull bars added to farmers ’ jeeps or spoilers added. possibly you added an immobiliser. possibly your car is pre 1987 – which makes it a classical car .
At QuoteMe.ie we assist owners of non-standard cars obtain competitive and suitable indemnity .
The on-line quotation system is primarily designed for more criterion cars. so rather than go through the quotation organization and spending time in putting all of the needed information and ( likely ) getting no quotes, it would be better to give us a call and address to one of our certified insurance professionals. not least as they will be able to access insurers who do not make their quotes available on-line. A conversation is more probable to get you what you need fastest – i.e. – a competitive insurance quote for your non-standard car .
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I’ve a Zero No Claims Bonus…

The bottom line is – Yes. We have one Insurance Company who specialises in. The bang-up thing about this company is that when you are insured with them, you can in fact build up a no claims bonus that is recognised by other indemnity providers. indeed, if you are with them for 2 years and at renewal, we find you a better deal with another insurance company – they will issue you with a 2 class no claims bonus cert. So there is nothing to lose and everything to gain .
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I’ve a high-value Car…

Yes, – no trouble. If your cable car is valued €80,000 or less, you can get a quote from our on-line quotation system. however, if your car is valued more than €80,000, you should call one of our master and qualify policy team. They will be able to ask you the right questions and will be binding to you very promptly, in a count of hours, with a choice of options for insuring your car .
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I’m over 70…

There is absolutely no doubt that insurance companies charge older drivers more than their younger counterparts. We come across it every day. Having an older car is not much help either. By way of exemplar, we had a 76 year-old client with a 2006 car – in 2019 his agio was €467. In 2020, the lowest monetary value we could get him was €747. There were no changes in his profile and he has a full no claims bonus .
Our feel shows us that indemnity premiums can rise well once the policyholder reaches 75 – in some case to the rate of 50 % – 80 % of a remainder. And far increases can be on the cards once the long time of 80 is reached. And, these increases are for policyholders who have not made a claim.

At QuoteMe.ie we keep a abrupt eye out for our older customers – modern and existing. As an Irish community based broker, we will always contact our older customers by telephone prior to their renewal date. We will use this conversation to secure any extra discounts or to see if there are any ways that we can get their indemnity premium reduced – coherent with having the appropriate brood. We know all the angles such as adding on an extra driver or looking for discounts based on reduce mileage use. We all have parents or grandparents who face this exit. So we try to go the extra sea mile for them .
If you are an older driver, or indeed a proportional or supporter assisting a rear or grandparent in trying to get a competitive insurance manage, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find us wanting in terms of batting on your behalf with the insurance Companies. It is something we ’ ra passionate about – from our Managing Director toss off to our Trainees .
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