Auto A/C Repair & Service Near You in Westbury, NY

Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care for car air conditioning repair and service near you in Westbury. A/C problems are no match for our qualified technicians!

Keep Your A/C Cool in Westbury, NY

When the air conditioning in your car leaves something to be desired,
driving can be a challenge.
Visit your neighborhood Firestone Complete Auto Care
for a performance check and car air conditioning repair in Westbury
at the first trace of trouble.
Whether there’s hot air or a strange smell blowing when you turn the A/C on,
you can rely on our knowledgeable technicians to
help keep your car’s A/C running year-round.
Our technicians service more than half a million air conditioners every year!

Your A/C Problems Are No Problem for Us

Not a fan of your car air conditioning?
You may notice A/C issues like
warm air blowing from the vents, a lack of airflow, unusual air conditioner smells, and failure to blow air at all.
Before your temperature starts rising, head to Firestone Complete Auto Care in Westbury.
Signs like these could mean you have a refrigerant leak,
an issue that could pollute the environment and damage parts of your car or truck.
A quick A/C performance check and auto A/C repair can help make sure you stay cool and the damage doesn’t spread.

Great A/C Service & Quality Guarantees in Westbury, NY

We’ll make sure your visit is a breeze.
Drop by for an A/C recharge or car air conditioning service in Westbury
and an experienced technician
will begin with an A/C system inspection.
We’ll figure out
what should be fixed
and talk to you before we begin the repairs.
All our A/C services are covered for a minimum of twelve (12) months or 12,000-miles, whichever comes first,
in addition to the Firestone Triple Promise.
It’s a guarantee that your car’s air conditioning will be Fixed Right, Priced Right and Done Right on Time.
Schedule an appointment
at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care
for the right car A/C repair in Westbury and
stay sweat-free with air conditioning that works!

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