1946 Buick Special Series 40 Sedan
Chassis no. 34392617

248ci OHV ‘Fireball’ inline 8-cylinder engine
Single Stromberg AAV 16 carburetor
110bhp at 3,600rpm
3-speed manual transmission
Independent front suspension with coil springs and live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs
4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes

*Only 50,400 miles from new
*Exceptionally original inside and out
*Off the road since 1977

The Series 40 ‘Special’

Inventor David Dunbar Buick built his first automobile in Detroit, Michigan in 1903. Distinguishing itself with a full line of eight-cylinder only car from 1931 onward, Buick was the penultimate rung on GM’s ladder to the top. Stylistically and mechanically, the Buick range was comprehensively revised for 1936, featuring ‘turret top’ styling and improved independent front suspension, and these revitalized straight-eights would carry Buick through to WWII and indeed beyond, as its products of the immediate post-war years, like those of its major rivals, were revised 1942 models. The first significant post-war styling changes arrived would not arrive until 1949.

The Motorcar Offered

Powered by Buick’s reliable Fireball V8, this Special Sedan was a familiar carry-over from the 1942 model. The car spent the beginning of its life being sparingly used by a funeral director. In the interest of appearances when dealing with the bereaved, the car was meticulously maintained and well kept. Sold to a Pennsylvania used car dealer who enjoyed collecting good, original cars; it joined his collection in the 1970s and appears to have been last been on the road in 1977 based on the most recent tax sticker on the windscreen. An oil service sticker in the door jamb corroborates the fact that the mileage at just over 50,400 miles is original and correct from new.

Inside one is wrapped back in time by the beautifully preserved cloths seats and headliner and nicely appointed dash. The exterior shows just as well with the original black paint still having a nice shine to it. There is no question that this car has lived a blessed existence to appear in such lovely shape near 70 years after it rolled off the line.

Without reserve

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