Iggz  8y ago

This is not a troll or a show-off post. I have rented this car from a car rental Company in Europe and am test-driving it at the moment. I don’t have much to Benchmark it with in temrs of Performance as this is honestly the first over 400 ps league car I have ever driven. Previously I owned a 2008 350Z with 313 ps. My first car ever was a 316i E30 with 100 ps 🙂

My first Impression was – M guys nailed it !

My second thought was, how little I cared about the figures behind and how much it made me want to focus on driving it (with m mode on and intermittent switching off of ESP)

It’s the 3rd day I will be driving it and I seriously can’t wait to go get inside and simply DRIVE it.

All I want to say with this is, I would never swap Driving experience and Driving pleasure for any BHP , HP, PS or BHP or however you argue the right Abbreviation is and the right HP figure is. As once you drive it you will definately forget about any reason to argue, losing all anger and Frustration that some of you seem to unload in front of their boring Screens sometimes..

See you later guys and off I go, as I will unfortunately be giving this car back in 2 days (hopefully in one peace).


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