First time ever writing a review. I do basic auto repairs on my own cars. My 07 impala was giving what myself and my normal mecanic thought was a transmission issue. I went online serching a transmission shop. I picked Redline because it’s almost across the street from GM Lockport, where I work as a Tool and Die Maker. I described to the man for Redline what was happening with the car. He spoke to me about the possible solutions to my problem. He said he would have his tech check it out and get back with me. Turned out I had a crack plastic fitting at the intake to the throttle body causing a vacume leak. They epoxyed the fitting. Fixing both problems with my car. If I had picked the wrong shop, I could have been paying for a transmission repair. We all know that would have been lots of $$$$. The most amazing part of the story is there was no charge for the repair! Thats why I took the time to share this experince with you. I’m not sure their is many shops with this kind of integrity out there. They certainly have my future business and the shop getting lunch on me! Joe from GM

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