Jen Minutillo

I want you to know that I was hung up on TWICE today by your lovely customer service department. After waiting 2+ months for my glass claim to be filled, I was told that my insurance company did not authorize the work, however, I have numerous emails from my insurance company confirming that they authorized you to complete the work. My insurance company insists that you called them and cancelled the work because the glass was unavailable. Not only is it unacceptable for you to cancel the claim without notifying me, it is unthinkable that you customer service response was a simple “we can’t help” and then hang up. When I called back for some additional information to give my insurance company to rectify the situation, again the response was rude and I was hung up on. I strongly urge anyone considering using this company to run the other direction- fast! I am disgusted by their actions and the rude service I receieved.

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