How rare is your 1998-2002 Firebird? This easy-to-read, well-researched fact and reference book is packed with information not found in other Firebird books. Information includes the exterior and interior color combination totals for each model, for each year, and the correct GM WA paint code and RPO order code for every color of every generation of Firebird. Big enough to put in the back pocket of your jeans when you inspect the Firebird of your dreams, the facts in this book are compiled from VIN data – stop searching the internet hoping to find accurate Firebird information. Learn how to properly read or decode your VIN, SPID label, and more. Facts include:

• Information on special edition Firebirds: 1LE Performance Package; WS6 Ram Air Performance & Handling Package; WU6 Firehawk; Z4C 30th Anniversary Trans Am; 1999 Daytona 500 Event Vehicles; 1SH NHRA Special Edition; 1SX Pontiac 75th Anniversary Package; Y3C Firebird GT; Z15 Trans Am Collector Edition; and more.

• For each model, for each year: Powertrain page with engine, transmission, and axle combinations, including RPO and production total breakout. Facts for F-Body LS1 engines with LS6 blocks.

• For each model, for each year: Factory installed equipment pages with RPO and production total breakout.

• Special option breakouts by body style and color, including the BBS Hurst Shifter option; Y87 V6 Performance Package; W68 Sport Appearance Package; and more.

This 195-page book is a one-stop source for all 1998-2002 Firebird production totals.

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