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Mariya W.

If the issues are rectified I will update this – But I want to be honest about my experience so far. Although the service at the lot was nice, everyone was friendly, they do have friendly customer service but, the aftermath after the purchase has not been. My car broke down ONE DAY after purchasing. Its been to the shop since then and returned and broken down the day after return. They offered to take it back and look at it again but that caused me to go another week without a car, of course, I opted in for them to come to get it. I bought My car on August 27th. It is September 19th and the car I bought Is not drivable since again ONE DAY after purchase. Ive been without a car, missed work, and struggled to get my kids to school and told the only solution is for them to make many attempts to fix it before exploring other options. Its upsetting to be in this situation. They give rental car options. However, none are available and I have to put my name on a list and pay to provide insurance on that car as well, they stated they can do a mechanical trade-out AFTER they exhaust all options, and those options don’t work. I could understand if I had the car for a while needing to wait for all options to be exhausted, but if the car broke down the NEXT DAY after purchase, I should be able to trade it out at this point. Super upsetting that my car has not been usable since the day after purchase. I have called and attempted to talk to some type of management about this and I get placed on hold for long periods of time or I get to number one in the queue and it hangs up. I have left voicemails as well. I am now at risk of losing my job

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