G-S Hypo Tube Cement jeweler’s adhesive. 1/3 fl. oz tube with easy-to-use fine-point precision applicator. Sets in 10 minutes. 1-hour cure time (may take up to 24 hours in high humidity). Dries clear and will not damage surfaces, including foil-back crystals. Flammable.
Designed for gluing watch crystals, this strong glue also works great for beadwork, model building, model railroads, fly fishing lures, ceramics, plastic repair, and fine screw locking, in addition to gluing pearls and small beads onto SuppleMax™ and other cord. The only glue recommended for WireLace®. Not for large metal-to-metal bonds. Remove excess with rubbing alcohol. [HZ3] We love this adhesive even though it can only be shipped via UPS Ground. What makes it so awesome? We love the extremely-fine-tip applicator, the clarity, and the ability to use it with foil-back Swarovski crystal. This is the glue to use for Illusion necklaces, or other jewelry where a tiny, precisely-placed dab of ultra-clear glue is required.
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Country of Origin: United States

Bin: WH-I-03

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