I think dodgestang is on the money. Most of that stuff doesn’t look like they’re for a shelby or even to convert a regular mustang to a shelby.

Shelby looking maybe …

Definitely not for a 68 shelby as they’re different from 67 as mentioned by 22GT.

They look like they’re for a regular 67 – shorty shelby type hood, etc. The outboard mounted hi-beams grille maybe the only shelby part but probably a reproduction anyways.

So, maybe someone with a regular stang that doesn’t want to do the full front shelby conversion could use the shorty hood and grille. Not sure about all the other parts as I would think you would already have them (if your car is complete). Then you need to repaint …

I’m sure someone could use those parts especially if they’re missing those pieces. Really depends on the what you’re looking for but definitely NOT for someone who wants to do a shelby tribute/clone.

Couldn’t guess on the value but I think they sell just the hood for several hundred dollars, right?

BTW .. dodgestang your 68/67 combo looks great! :thumbsup:

I prefer the nose of the 67 but like the 68 hood better. I’d do it like you (but use a 67 hood with 68 style scoops) but all the 68 shelby parts already were on the car when I bought mine and didn’t make sense to start over.


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