I bought this car used back in 2016 with around 27,000 miles for under 20 grand. Overall as most people might warn you the costs of owning a bmw is no where near cheap. As this is not your average run of the mill camry or accord. Personally, I have not had too many issues concerning reliability. Tires and brakes are expensive ranging anywhere from $1200 for a set of tires to around $800 for brakes all around. You could cheap out on those things but I would highly recommend not to. The interior is very comfortable but not good for taller folks. I would recommend getting the technology package as it comes with a bigger infotainment screen. The car’s exterior has held up to the test of time, it still looks modern considering it is now 7 years old. But once again repair costs come up again. After a few door dings and rock chips on the paint, I wanted to get the paint touched up at my local BMW dealership. They quoted me for over $1500. I ended up going to a secondary body shop and paid half that. However those prices are insane for what you will pay for this car used. I do not recommend buying this car used especially with high mileage. As you will find that the costs to maintain and repair will begin to surpass what you paid for it. In terms of performance this car does not lack. My 328i came with a 4 cylinder turbo. It gets up and going surprisingly quickly if you are in the right gear. The 0-60 on this car I have personally measured at 5.6 seconds. Obviously weather conditions and different altitude will differ your performance. In terms of gas mileage throughout owning it, I can report that it is as advertised. I get around 30 mpg on a good week of mostly highway cruising. On a bad week of city driving it could range from 24-27. If you are looking to buy this car make sure you keep up with maintenance or find a car with a good maintenance history.

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