I did some research on early diff issues by perusing the Caddy forums. I’m def picking up a manual current gen CTS-V after a little more depreciation occurs.

Here is my take on diff issues.

Leaking diff seal – easy cheap fix. Obvious symptom is rear end whine, spots on garage floor, etc – just as obvious consequences of ignoring the whine/ spots is a new diff.. I get the impression once the original seals are replaced with updated seals, future leaks are a non-issue.

Next up is the consequences of excessive wheel hop under hard acceleration, this is what all the fuss is about. And why an early CTS-V could have a “diff issue” or not. Bottom line as long as you don’t do endless smokey burnouts copius amounts of wheel hop you rear end will hold up just fine. Apparently there are many early gen V’s with the original diff and 100k++ miles.

The good news is you can upgrade an early diff to the latest gen 1 design with all GM/Getrag parts for $1,800. If you abstain from wheel hopping burnouts these diffs are strong enough for around 500 RWP with no issues what so ever.

If you are into drifting and smokey burnouts with your 750 HP plus modified V the aftermarket has your diff-fix solution to the tune of $7,500.


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