Hi All,

I am a newbie to this site and had a 2001 Cobra. It was great but had some challenges. When I bought it brand new I had heard at the time Ford was contemplating putting a SC on the engine but most had dismissed it as purely rumor and felt the bean counters were going to win that battle any day. So, I went ahead and bought the 01.

Now, today I am seriously thinking of buying an 03 or 04 Terminator Cobra but have seen threads and videos that sometimes contradict each other – Appears there was some issueS with the driver’s side head and some suggest it was resolved in the 04 model year but others say the issue still existed for 04 and that it was not fully resolved until early 05 when Ford came out with replacements heads (after the 04 Model Year had ended) and that it would set you back about $2K for the driver’s side head or about $3K for the pair. Is this really the case? Or, should I only concentrate on the 04 to avoid the issue? Or, buy either 03 or 04 Cobra but make sure the heads had already been replaced?

Thanks, in advance, for your guidance J


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