The Honda Civic has been one of America’s best-selling vehicles for years. It checks all the important boxes — economy, reliability, comfort, safety — that buyers want in a compact car. And the special sauce is the Civic’s fun-to-drive nature. From the bottom of the lineup on up, the Civic can put a smile on your face simply by the way it drives. And that’s a claim few others in the segment can make.

For years compact sedans and hatchbacks have been getting bigger, but the new-for-2022 Civic doesn’t stretch the envelope much. It’s less than 2 inches longer than the previous generation and it is exactly the same height. Those seem to be the right dimensions because most compact cars mimic them almost exactly. Key competitors in the segment include the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, and Hyundai Elantra. The Asian brands have been so successful, they now have no domestic competitors and only one from Europe: the Volkswagen Jetta. Like its challengers, the Civic will seat five adults but is more comfortable with just four on board. It is currently available as a sedan only, but hatchback and performance models are expected.

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