1969 Morris Mini 1100 Van


Morris merged with Austin in 1952 to form BMC (British Motor Corporation). Morris, Austin, Wolseley, Riley and MG.

BMC’s small car was the Mini, the Mk I was built from 1959-67. For 1959, just the 2 door Saloon was available as the Morris Mini Minor or The Austin 7. The new Mini was a very influential design, with its 848cc transversely mounted engine, front wheel drive and independent suspension. It featured 10 inch wheels, sliding side windows with storage pockets below and external door hinges.

1960; Van and Estates introduced (Morris Mini Traveller and Austin Mini Countryman)

1961; Pickup, Mini Cooper (twin carb 998cc, bonnet badge and slat grille), upmarket Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf introduced.

1962; now called just Morris Mini or Austin Mini

1963; 1071cc Cooper S introduced, 1275cc in 1964

1964: front valance cut away on each side to aid in brake cooling, Mini Moke introduced

1965; Australian Mini Deluxe, 998cc, (All Australian Mk I Minis from 1965 got wind up windows and a slat grille)

1967; Mk II Mini introduced in the UK, new grille, taillights

1969; Australian Standard Mini 1100 and upmarket Mini K (for Kangaroo) 1098cc

(Mk I Minis were built in Australia from 1961-70, no Mk II Minis built there) Cooper S Minis were supplied to the Australian and New Zealand Police forces as high speed pursuit vehicles

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