When Ford introduced its Total Performance program, nobody was aware of just how dominant the company would eventually become in motorsports. The 1962 Galaxie offered here is among the rarest of examples from the Factory Lightweights collection. In mid-1962, Ford determined that drag racing should play a more prominent role in its marketing. To that end, company subcontractor Dearborn Steel Tubing reconstructed 11 specially built Galaxies strictly for racing, and this is one of them. However, once the 1963 model was released, a majority of these cars were subsequently updated to that body. The Alderman Ford 1962 Galaxie was not, making it one of only four to retain its 1962 design. These special cars have fiberglass fenders, hoods and decklids; aluminum front bumpers, radiators and inner fenders; radio, heater and body-filler delete; and a relocated battery. Under the hood was a reworked 406 CI engine topped with two 4-barrel Holley carbs (a first for an FE application), special aluminum intake and cast factory headers. Driven by Bob Martin for the Indianapolis-based Alderman Ford franchise, the car raced as it appears today at the 1962 Nationals in A/FX, where it was second-quickest of the six program cars placed into that class: faster than Tasca, Bonner or Gas Ronda. Later repainted to Tucson Yellow for 1963 and sold to Alderman for $1, its previous owners have included Ford’s John Vermeersch, Floyd Garrett and Jacky Jones, who directed the extensive Donald Allen restoration on this car. Featured as the cover car on “Muscle Car Enthusiast” in June 2006, this car was featured in the books “Ford Total Performance” by Martin Schorr and “Factory Lightweights” by Charles Morris. This rare machine has a blue interior and is believed to be among the best surviving examples of Ford’s first foray into Factory Experimental racing. Subsequent internal correspondence shows this program was completed on a tight deadline to prepare for the broader release of the 1963 1/2 Super Stock models. Correctly restored throughout with a volume of documentation on the program included, this is a tremendous opportunity to own one of the premier examples of this one-of-four initial lightweight.

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