In the 1930s, MG was heavily involved in motorsports, particularly in the very competitive small-bore classes where their small but powerful machines could really shine. As a result, MG built a variety of special homologation models to contest races, rallies and record-breaking attempts. In 1931 and 1932, MG adapted an M-Type chassis for George Eyston for his attempt to break a 750cc class 24-hour endurance record at the Autodrome de Montlhery in France. Eyston was successful in his attempt, and as a result, MG built a series of cars to his record-breaker’s specifications – known as the C-Type. The C-Type became a mainstay of the MG Competitions Department and proved a huge success, taking the first five places in the 1931 Brooklands Double Twelve race and finishing first in class and an astonishing 6th overall at the LeMans 24 Hour race in 1933 (not far behind the works Alfa 8C 2300s) as well as top finishes in the Ulster TT. These tiny 750cc machines could certainly punch well above their weight. In the end, just 44 factory C-types were built and of those, 9 wore an Eyston-designed Powerplus supercharger, making these highly collectible, highly valuable and rare machines.

Our featured car is a 1932 C-Type recreation built to exacting standards by renowned marque expert David Cooksey, a man with decades of experience restoring and maintaining pre-war MGs. He is well-known for his particular fondness for the C-Type, having owned and raced his own original example since the 1970s. Cooksey’s knowledge is second-to-none when it comes to these automobiles and he is a respected guru of the marque. With this car, Cooksey set out to create an automobile built to C-Type specifications and he spared no expense in ensuring its accuracy, as he was building the car for himself. His own C-Type served as the standard by which his recreation was measured. Starting with a period correct J-Type chassis, the frame was shortened to precise measurements and rebuilt with bolted (as opposed to riveted) construction. The engine utilizes a new block in correct 750 cc displacement, with Phoenix crank and rods, built to supercharged specifications and of course detailed to incredibly accurate standards in correct MG racing blue. Even the supercharger, a front mounted, vane-type unit with separate oil tank is a perfect recreation built by Cooksey himself. Mated to the robust little engine is a very rare, very valuable and absolutely correct ENV Crosstube straight-cut gearbox.

Finely detailed down to the last fastener, this amazing motorcar features painstakingly sourced Rotax headlamps, Lucas King of the Road wing lamps, Brooklands mirrors, Hobson Telegauge instruments and a fabulous Brooklands silencer and fan-tip exhaust. The car is finished in an attractive and period correct color scheme of black over green leather with contrasting green wheels and supercharger cowl. Paint quality is excellent and the car has a warm luster and very mild patina on both the body and mechanical components that suit its nature perfectly.

Original MG C-Types, particularly the 9 original supercharged cars, are exceedingly scarce and are proper blue-chip collectibles. Other C-Type replicas exist, but it is safe to say that none have been constructed with such accuracy by an enthusiast with David Cooksey’s knowledge and passion. Perfectly suited for classic rallies, informal touring and blasting along your favorite country lanes; this tiny MG packs huge thrills in a small package.

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