So I’m currently saving up for a 03-04 Cobra and I’m curious to know how they are holding up in 2015 from anyone who owns one or knows off hand.

Basically I would like to find one with under 20K miles but if I can only get one under 50k miles I don’t mind. As long as you guys can confirm if they still drive like new at 50k miles with no issues apart from the usual maintenance and repairs.

Basically I want to own this car for a very long time like my GT500. And I only plan to put 4 to 5000 miles a year on her and I’m hoping to get 20 years out of her.

So guys based on what I said, how are the 03-04 Cobras holding up in 2015 and could I get my desired time with one if I stick to my annual drive plan?


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